Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Go to my new "leftie" Rider blog

If perchance you come across this blog with Google, please be aware that I seldom post here anymore. I have a new, more active blog:

While this "Rider Rant" area has interesting posts from much of 2009, all my new stuff goes to the new blog.

Two reasons for the switch (including the "leftie" factor):

1. Arcane formatting differences.

2. Open Salon is a big leftie blogging area. I don't allow comments on my blog items (HUGE waste of my time). I'm driving 'em CRAZY, since I don't give them the "COMMENT" forum to post their pathetic rebuttals. Their frustration comes through to me as a few enraged progressives frantically search me out via Google and vent their collectivist spleens. Life is good.

BTW, if you haven't looked into using "RSS feeds" to read the ever-updating news and blogs -- you must do so now. Much more efficient way to educate yourself, and to waste your time more productively. As an intro, I recommend an informative if slightly gonzo 3 minute YouTube video:

For my "RSS reader," I use as my browser home page. This Google option offers many, many other neat services as well (all on the same page) -- stock and commodity quotes, weather for multiple locations, calculator, daily cartoons, etc.

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  1. Open Salon, the outfit that has "housed" my blog for over over 2 years, seems to be grinding to a halt. So I've switched back to a PREVIOUS blog of mine serviced by Blogger ( It has gotten MUCH better. So from this point forward, to read and RECEIVE (if you desire to subscribe, via email) my blog posts, go to:

    To browse my old Open Salon blog (while it still works, IF it works), you can go to: